A coalition of creative people taking action on climate change.

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The creative industries can make a unique contribution to the global sustainability challenge.

Creativity is part of every society and culture, generating communities of shared identity and experience. Globally we have huge potential to inspire positive and sustainable change through the millions of livelihoods and billions of participants involved in our work.

This coalition originated as a call to action presented at the 2015 international climate talks, COP21. With the world's first universal agreement on climate change now in place, the real work begins.

The Pledge

We can bring about positive change faster together, by combining our collective strengths to amplify concerns and celebrate solutions.

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Charles Deull Broadway Green Alliance
Dinaz Stafford Filmmaker
David Robert (Bowie) Jones Musician
Alistair McGowan Comedian and Actor
Andy Heath Chair, UK Music / Beggars Group
Steve Waters Playwright
Zoya Naskova Freelance consultant
Sir Michael Dixon Director, Natural History Museum
Nan van Houte Secretary General, IETM
Ian Grenfell Quietus Management
Bella Freud Designer
Michael Pawlyn Founder, Exploration Architecture
Penny Martin Editor-in-Chief, The Gentlewoman
S. Carey Musician, Bon Iver
Stefan Siegel Founder and CEO, Not Just A Label
Marie Fol Programme Manager, Dutch Culture/TransArtists
Tim Hollo Musician, Founder - Green Music Australia, Green Music Australia
Dessa Darling Musician
Alastair Fuad-Luke Designer
Damon Albarn Musician
Larry Sakin Green Entrepreneur
Lauren Davies Programme Coordinator, Julie's Bicycle
Rachel Healy Artistic Director, Adelaide Festival
Jay Griffiths Writer
Kathy Kane Manager
Jiro Yamaguchi Musician, Ozomatli
Simon Broughton Editor-in-Chief, Songlines
Jonathan Reekie CEO, Somerset House
Paul Burger CEO, Soho Artists
Orsola de Castro Co-Founder, Fashion Revolution
Sóley Stefánsdóttir Musician
Emma Banks Music Agent
Lauranne Germond Director, COAL
Michelle Lowe-Holder Fashion Designer
Else Marie Bukdahl Dphil.
Diana Coluntino Founder/Director, New Vestures; fashion innovation, co-working space
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Carbon Footprint Measurement for Cultural Buildings, Offices, Festivals and Tours

Carbon Footprint Measurement: 
TV and Film Production Offices, 
Festivals, Tours